Committee Reports

Conference Committee

The 1998 Allerton conference is set for April 16-18, 1998. Make your plans now to attend. Registration forms will appear only in the Winter edition of the ConneXion since the number of yearly issues has been reduced by one. Because we anticipate some new members, we are providing some general information about the facilities at the Allerton House. Check this issue after the IMACC News and Notes section for this information.

Scholarship Committee

It is again time to nominate worthy students for the IMACC scholarship. This issue of the ConneXion contains; the faculty nomination form, the student information form and the faculty information form. For a student to be considered, the nomination form completed by a faculty member, the student information form and the student's supporting materials must be completed and returned to Scholarship Chairperson Dan Alexander no later than March 1, 1998.

Read about last year's winners in the News and Notes. Then use this opportunity to nominate a deserving student. Send your nomination to:

Dan Alexander, IMACC Scholarship Chair

Parkland College

2400 W. Bradley Ave.

Champaign, IL 61821