Editor's Message

Many thanks to those who have sent items for the News and Notes Section. Continue to send your items to me using the form on the next page.

As noted earlier, the ConneXion is now a three issue per year newsletter. These issues will be Fall, Winter and Summer. The following list of dates gives deadlines for the receipt of items for the indicated issues.

Fall Issue - Sep 15,1997

Winter Issue - Jan 15, 1998

Summer Issue - May 15, 1998

The Winter issue will contain the application form for the Allerton Conference. You will have to look for it slightly earlier than usual.

Check the News and Notes section for interesting information about your IMACC colleagues and the names of new faculty. Also, be sure to consider worthy students for nomination for an IMACC Scholarship. Further details are in the Scholarship Committee report later in this issue and all necessary forms are enclosed as well.

In our next issue we will begin a series highlighting the mathematics departments of the two-year colleges in Illinois. Everyone's college will eventually be featured and we will probably do three or four departments per issue.

Marv Johnson, Editor