President's Message

I don't know if this is a function of age, but it seems that this summer was the fastest that I can remember. It seems just the other day that things were turning green and now I'm starting to think about cleaning leaves out of my gutters. (Probably the job I hate the most!)

Even though it seemed short, I hope that you all had a relaxing summer. On behalf of IMACC I welcome all the new math faculty at each of our colleges, some of whom are listed in the News and Notes section later. I invite each of you to use the application forms later in this issue and become an IMACC member. I ask that current members approach new faculty regarding IMACC membership.

The IMACC Board met at Prairie State College on October 4th and among other things discussed the program for our next Allerton meeting. If you have any ideas they would be much appreciated. If there is a speaker that you have heard that you feel would be appropriate, let me know. The results of the 1997 Allerton Conference Evaluation

ranked algebra reform, the World Wide Web and integration of the calculator into the mathematics curriculum as the topics of greatest interest to most people.

I will be selecting a conference theme and will invite any interested IMACC member to present at the conference. I know that we have a lot of homegrown talent that we are not always aware of. Let's not hide our talents, but let them shine during our April 16-18 Allerton Conference.

The joint IMACC/ISMAA Curriculum Committees will probably have to convene to consider some issues regarding the Illinois Articulation Initiative surrounding prerequisites for the Finite Mathematics course. Any proposed modifications to the IMACC/ISMAA Curriculum Guide will be voted on at the Allerton meeting next Spring.

Please consider attending the AMATYC Conference in Atlanta, November 13 - 16th. If you have not received registration information as of yet, contact the AMATYC office at the State Technical Institute in Memphis, 5983 Macon Cove, Memphis, TN 38134. Conference information is also available on the Internet at

unixcorn/amatyc.htm. The program offers a variety of workshops, minicourses, and sessions that are of interest to community college mathematics teachers. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

In closing, I want to thank Marv Johnson and the other College of Lake County faculty that help produce this newsletter. They continue to do an excellent job in producing a quality newsletter.

Have a great fall term.

Dominic Magno, President