President's Message

Believe it or not it's almost the end of February and the Allerton Conference is only two months away. I hope that you had a refreshing time during the holidays.

The fall IMACC Board meeting was held on October 4, 1997. Judy Marwick and Prairie State College graciously hosted this meeting in the beautiful Prairie State Conference Center. Many issues were discussed. The Board voted to create a History Committee responsible for insuring that each year proper historical records are maintained.

The Board also discussed the possibility of a by-laws amendment to create an additional Board position representing the increasing number of retirees. This idea will be further discussed and perhaps voted on in next year's elections.

Sandy Cox of Rend Lake College distributed the new IMACC membership brochures. You can contact Sandy at and get a supply of these brochures for prospective new members.

The ICTCM meeting was held in Chicago in early November. This was a great conference due in large part to the fact that it was co-hosted by Judy Marwick of Prairie State. Judy did an excellent job in putting together this conference. I was able to attend for one day and picked up many ideas, including one of the main presentations for Allerton.

The AMATYC Conference in Atlanta was also held in November. Many IMACC members attended and participated in what was in my view the best AMATYC Conference ever. "Hot" topics included the TIMMS study, reform and INTERNET use in the classroom. A special highlight was the receipt of one of the eight Excellence in Teaching awards by Phil Demarois of Harper College, a former IMACC Board member. These awards were made for the first time at the Atlanta Conference. We, at Harper, are particularly proud of Phil - we know what he has done for our department. Congratulations, Phil!

The joint IMACC/ISMAA curriculum committee met on Saturday, December 4th at Illinois Central College and will meet again in early February. Very likely there will be recommendations for changes to the Curriculum Guide ready for presentation and a vote at the general business meeting on Saturday, April 18th.

Plans for the Allerton meeting are falling into place using "home-grown" talent this year. There is much activity in Illinois so be prepared for a program that highlights issues, concerns and trends in our State. Joan Bookbinder, an ICTCM award winner, will present a session on getting started in the use of web based/supported courses. Joe Cipfli, Executive Director of the ICCB, will update us on the IAI. Ken Travers will give an update on the TIMMS report as well as some research results on the effect of reform in calculus. Other sessions will include; geometry requirements, exchanging good test questions in college algebra and calculus, using the Web in the classroom and an update from the Curriculum Committee. On Friday evening we will be entertained by Don Gardner of Elgin C.C. as he brings us back to the streets of Bay City, WI which we first visited during the IMACC Talent Show a few years ago. Shirley Lathrop (formerly Scheiner) and her husband will entertain us with a re-enactment of an "Ethel and Albert" radio program. All this plus a meeting of the "Probability and Statistics" and "Linear Applied Geometry" Committees. Use the registration form in this issue to make sure you will be there!

The IMACC Board will meet on Thursday, April 16, 1998 at Parkland College. If you have items of business for this meeting, send them to me via e-mail or phone me using the address or phone number on the IMACC mailing list later in this issue.

Make sure that your membership is up to date and that you are recruiting new members. Our membership has been almost constant over the past few years and retirements are increasing. The vitality of IMACC depends on recruiting new members.

Election information and ballots will be coming your way soon. President-Elect Lisa (Carrington) Benson has assembled an excellent slate of candidates and I urge you to complete and return your ballots quickly. Please note the additional ballot regarding a by-law change regarding the responsibility of elected Board members to attend Board meetings.

The IMACC Scholarship fund is always in need of additional monies. For a donation of $5 or more to the fund, you can obtain a new IMACC lapel pin. Show pride in our organization and help the fund with your gift. The pins will be available at the Allerton Conference as usual.

Make sure you mark your calendar for April 16, 17 and 18 and the Allerton Conference. I look forward to seeing you all there this Spring.

Dominic Magno, President