Developmental Education Advisory Council (DEAC)

The Illinois Developmental Education Advisory Council (DEAC) was assembled by the Illinois Community College Board in conjunction with other state agencies to examine the issues surrounding developmental education in writing, reading, and mathematics. This group consists of individuals from state government, college administration, and faculty.

Two task forces were formed by DEAC—the English Task Force and the Math Task Force. The latter is co-chaired by Keven Hansen and Roberta Christie and has state leadership provided by John Noak (consultant) and Brian Durham (ICCB). The remainder of the task force is additional mathematics community college faculty from throughout the state, many of whom are also active IMACC members. There is also one science faculty member.

The role of the task force, as defined by DEAC, is:

  1. to examine placement procedures for developmental mathematics statewide and to explore the possibility of establishing common "cut scores" for key assessment instruments;
  2. to review state developmental course objectives to determine alignment of these objectives with the new high school common core standards; and
  3. to identify best practices in the state and nationally and share these best practices throughout the state.

The documents produced by the task force have been placed on the IMACC website to disseminate this information. In particular, the "best practices" document is meant to provide guidance and models for schools looking to make changes to their developmental mathematics—it is NOT intended to be either proscriptive or prescriptive, but rather to indicate what has worked at other institutions. Items listed are options to consider, not requirements, though it is strongly suggested that any meaningful reform of developmental mathematics must consider reforming all key areas in tandem: program, placement, advising, courses, instruction, and support.

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