Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is to honor one of our members for a career of outstanding service to IMACC. This award may be given annually under the conditions that the nominee must:

  1. be an active member who has participated in IMACC for at least 10 years (retired members are eligible).
  2. have held an elected office (President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Director) in IMACC.
  3. have served at least 4 years in some combination of elected offices, committee appointments, ConneXion editor, or conference coordinator.
  4. have the recommendation of an IMACC member familiar with the nominee’s qualifications.


This award is given at the annual IMACC Conference. Nominations need submitted before March 1.

To nominate someone for the Distinguished Service Award, simply submit a letter of support to Deanna Welsch, IMACC Awards Committee Chair.

Deanna Welsch
Illinois Central College
One College Dr
East Peoria, IL 61635
(309) 694-5379

If you do not receive confirmation of an nomination, then please follow up with Deanna Welsch.

IMACC Distinguished Service Award Winners