Crossroads in Mathematics

Appendix: Closing Remarks

In this appendix, problem ideas have been presented to illustrate how the standards of this document can be realized in the college mathematics classroom. It is hoped that the problems will stimulate the imagination of college mathematics faculty to develop rich and meaningful activities for their students that will help them learn mathematics and appreciate its power and utility.

There are many sources for interesting problems and curricular materials. The National Science Foundation supports projects in undergraduate mathematics course and curriculum development. Professional journals, such as The AMATYC Review, the College Mathematics Journal, and the Mathematics Teacher, offer many classroom ideas and interesting problems. The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) has developed numerous applications modules which are available for purchase. Professional meetings and workshops offer many valuable ideas and invaluable collegial interaction.

Professional organizations and commercial publishers have already developed some textbooks, software, and other materials in keeping with the spirit of this document. As time goes on, the number and quality of such materials will likely increase.