Crossroads in Mathematics

APPENDIX: Illustrative Examples

Opening Statements

The Examples

  1. Chicken Chunks (Organizing Data and Pattern Recognition)
  2. Midpoint on a Number Line (Formula Development)
  3. Tennis Ball Can (Measurement and Geometry Formula)
  4. Proportional Relationships
  5. Projecting Weekly Wages (Linear Models)
  6. A Puzzling Problem (Geometry and Deductive Proof)
  7. Population Growth Comparison (Exponential Growth)
  8. Problem Posing
  9. Maintaining Pool Chlorine Level (Numerical Experimentation)
  10. Basketball Performance Factors (Matrix Operations)
  11. Dart Board Problem (Geometry and Probability)
  12. Analyzing Planet Data (Modeling and Re-expression of Data)
  13. A Pure Mathematics Problem (Absolute Value Functions)
  14. A Writing Assignment
  15. A Laboratory Project--Fluid Flow (Data Gathering and Curve Fitting)

Closing Remarks