2019 IMACC Conference

/2019 IMACC Conference
2019 IMACC Conference2024-04-01T19:58:35+00:00

Dates: April 11-13

President: Sunil Koswatta

Conference Coordinator: Rodger Hergert

Number of attendees: 119

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Hung-Hsi Wu, University of California – Berkeley, “Andrew Hacker, CCSSM, and Mathematics Teaching in Community Colleges”
  • William McCallum, University of Arizona, “Do All High School Students Need to Take Algebra II?”
  • Larry Braden, St. Paul’s School, “A Series of Quick Derivations of Facts from Physics and Number Theory, Significant, but Generally Not Found in the Textbooks”

Notes: Allerton lost power during William McCallum’s talk in the afternoon.

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