2021 IMACC Conference

/2021 IMACC Conference
2021 IMACC Conference2024-04-01T19:54:00+00:00

Dates: April 9 and 16 (online) 

President: Michael Caparula

Conference Coordinator: Rodger Hergert

Number of attendees: 83

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Helen Burn, Highland Community College, “Racial Equity in College Mathematics”
  • Maria Andersen, Coursetune, Inc., “Equitable Assessment in Mathematics”

Notes: This conference was originally scheduled as an in-person conference at Allerton House on April 8-10. It was moved online due to continued COVID concerns as many IL community colleges were still offering classes primarily online. There was no cost to attend and attendees were given a free one-year IMACC membership.

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