2023 IMACC Conference Proceedings

/2023 IMACC Conference Proceedings
2023 IMACC Conference Proceedings2023-11-27T15:38:42+00:00

See below for the conference proceedings. The full Conference Program is also available.

Alan ZollmanMaking Students as Smart as Their Phones & Fixing Their Common Bugs
Matthew WechterInitial Results from the Transitional Math ProgramSlides
Cindy JohnsonLeveling the Playing Field
Peter KeepPointless GradingSlides
Ellen Field and Michael CaparulaDevelopmental Education Reform RoundtableNotes
Sunil Koswatta & Omar AdawiBirds of a Feather: Panel Discussion on Experiences of Online Teaching and Learning
Abby BaileyDepartment Chair/Lead Faculty Discussion
Matthew LeeStandards Based Grading: The Good, The Bad, and the UglySlides
Robert CappettaTeaching Mathematics with MetaphorsSlides
Robert CappettaLet’s Talk BotsSlides
Michael Caparula and Denise CaparulaMath Accessibility Roundtable
Cindy Johnson and Gary LewisTeaching to the Masses: Corequisites
Peter KeepDesigning Assignments around the Pesky Math Tech and Homework HelpersSlides
Kathleen AlmyDERA: Where We Are Two Years into the LegislationYouTube recording
Paula WilhiteThe Beauty of Mathematics in Gershwin’s Jazz
Paula WilhiteThe Beauty of Mathematics in Beethoven’s Compositions
Kyriakos KypriotakisThe Mathematics of Ancient Greece
Jim TrefzgerCurve-Fitting Using DeterminantsHandout
Dan KernlerIncorporating a Semester-Long Student Led Project into a Statistics CourseSlides